Is Jana a Christian? -Submitted by KJ


Is Jana a Christian? Now there's a good question. Jana Whittaker-Dowd (note: hyphenation present) has never stated that she is indeed a Christian. Nor has her father. That's why one must wonder, is she a Christian? As Jason once said, "I for one want to find out!"


Now let's talk our way through this one. Considering that Whit has never actually said that Jana is a Christian, we can also apply the fact that Whit has never actually said that Jana isn't a Christian. That makes one wonder. Either Jana is saved or she's not saved. So which is it?


Jana is a Christian. I'm firm in my beliefs. Why? Well... Mr. John Avery Whittaker is a very devout Christian. He reads his Bible everyday, has an ice cream shop as a mission field, and spends time bringing the Bible to life for his shop visitors. This makes me believe that if Jana wasn't saved, then most likely Whit would occasionally say that he's praying for his unsaved daughter. Christians deeply care about the spiritually lost in this world, especially those who are RELATED to them. Now, on the other hand, if Jana is saved, then Whit wouldn't need to worry about his daughter's eternity. See? I've proved my point. Whit is now practicing, if you will, the "needn't worry" category.


Jana is a Christian. Just assume that for now.

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