I noticed in reruns are run during the Summer. They ran the one about a boy who lost his father in the Viet-Nam War. If AIO can tackle the Viet-Nam War, than why not Sept 11th? They could look at the the brave Firemen and Policemen's actions during 9/11. AIO has always been a good way to show how Christ is a part of our everyday lives. The National Anthem would be another good show.  I have friends who are Catholic and are going through a very hard time right now. I tell them they must put their faith in God and not in man. -Submitted by Mark Smith

I will be the first to agree with you, considering that AIO has done the Vietnam War. I understand your need to hear an episode about September 11th. I contacted Focus on the Family about the matter and they said they currently don't have any plans to do an episode about September 11th. Also they don't have plans to deal with the events in the Catholic church. Also your national anthem idea would be interesting.

I wonder about things just as you do, and have come up with a reason why I think AIO might not be tackling these problems.

1. AIO might believe that the subject matter is too new. What I mean is that the attacks of September 11th happened recently and it would be hard to do a show that doesn't hurt anybody. If AIO waits 5-10 years everyone can appreciate the episode even more. Whit could maybe tell the story of what happened and it would give AIO fans a flashback of what happened.

2. I believe that AIO won't deal with the events in the Catholic church, mainly because of the subject matter of what is going on. Some AIO fans are in the younger age group and they need to take all groups into consideration.

3. I also think that the national anthem idea would fall through the cracks because the event is too recent. Give it 5-10 years before they conquer this topic.

I know that it seems like AIO is tearing down your ideas, but they might touch on these topics in the future. If AIO fans write in a lot and give their ideas, maybe they'll take the hint that it's time to do something.

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