Does Eugene keep his glasses on when he's walking in the dark? -Submitted by Gumby

Eugene definitely keeps his glasses on when he's walking in the dark. How do I know this for sure? It's simple. Because it's harder to say at night than it is during the day. And when you consider the fact that, logically, Eugene needs to use glasses during the day, thus he sees more clearly. Thus, wouldn't it make perfect sense that in order to continue seeing clearly as he sees during the day, that he wear glasses at night? I imagine that he needs glasses in the dark because, well, DUH! Besides, Mr. Gumby, or whatever you call yourself, you're familiar with television. You've starred in a few TV episodes here and there. Eugene appears in a few of his own, and you can never see his eyes anyway. His hair conveniently swoops down over his eyes to hide them. So logically speaking, if his eyes are covered and he's wearing glasses anyway, then there's something that he knows that the rest of us don't. Obviously he gets around Odyssey quite well. Just think back to the days when Eugene rode a bike around Odyssey. It could only take a strong glasses prescription to help with that.

I should have summed this up in a one-word answer: Yes. But I didn't. And now you're probably going to ask me another question about how Eugene is able to even see, period, after you read this response. Oh, but that's what I'm here for, I guess: to answer people's questions and step on some toes along the way. Please, just don't ask about Eugene's toes. That's just gross.

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