Why has Eugene come back, but not Harlow Doyle? -Submitted by Ricky Derocher

Ricky, I think you're a little confused. Eugene Meltsner came back to Odyssey (with his new wife, Katrina), and Harlow never left. Harlow has been around, but not specifically in as many new episodes as Eugene. Personally, I think that Harlow Doyle's character should be presented with moderation. If too many episodes include Harlow, fans will get annoyed. Just as Connie, Eugene, and other characters get frustrated/annoyed with Harlow's character, so the fans would too. If AIO overdoses on Harlow, people will not appreciate Harlow for who he is.

To hear Harlow on the show after Eugene returns to Odyssey, you may want to check out his reappearance in The Power of One and Odyssey Sings!

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