Has AIO ever made an episode that deals with abuse? Either child abuse or other kinds of abuse? If they haven't, will they? Because that's a really important issue, and it would make a great episode. -Submitted by Rose AKA AlexCalandJaredfan

AlexCalandJaredfan, this is so exciting! I get to send greetings your way and welcome you to the AIO FAQ section! Rose, you asked about episodes dealing with child abuse. It's ironic that you should ask that because Odyssey just produced an episode titled The Chosen One, which involves a girl whose mother physically abuses her. So if you're interested in hearing it, it's now available in Into the Light. The episode doesn't focus primarily on the abuse, but it's the closest AIO's gotten to the topic. An episode dealing more with emotional abuse is A Model Child, available in At Home and Abroad. I'd like to hear a more powerful episode about child abuse, too.

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