Is the actress who played Clara in "Clara" the same actress who plays Mandy Straussberg? -Submitted by Valerie

If you listen to the more recent episodes with Mandy Straussberg, you notice that she sounds a bit more grown up, and that is as can be expected. This may confuse some listeners in that she sounds really young and her voice is a lot different in "Clara."

"Clara" was the first time that Aria Curzon appeared on the program. "Signed, Sealed & Committed" is the first appearance of Mandy Straussberg, one of the few children that Odyssey seems to have anymore. So in answer to your question Valerie, yes, Aria Curzon is the actress who played Clara and Mandy Straussberg. I believe that Mandy Straussberg is one of AIO's ways to replace Lucy Cunningham Schultz.

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