Doesn't Aubrey have a sister named Bethany? If so, where was she during the past few episodes like "Under the Influence"? -Submitted by Valerie

Yes, Aubrey Shepard has a sister named Bethany. She and Aubrey were first introduced in the episode "Opening Day." During the Novacom Saga, we never saw much of Bethany, but when it all started in "Opportunity Knocks," Bethany was around. Either the AIO writers didn't want Bethany to appear in the Novacom shows, or they didn't feel like writing her in. Perhaps having an "annoying" little sister, as Aubrey calls her, on the show, would take away from the suspense of the saga. Now that the suspense is over and Odyssey is back to normal (what's normal anyway?), maybe we'll be hearing from Bethany again.

In my personal opinion, I hope they bring Bethany back to the show. I have this pet peeve with disappearing characters. If there's a new character (especially a family member), I prefer that AIO keeps the realistic-ness of their portrayal of the characters rather than to suddenly drop characters with no apparent reason. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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