Do you answer every question, or just the important ones, or the exciting ones? -Submitted by Priceless

During the existence of the AIO FAQ section here at the Scoop, it's always been interesting to see what types of questions people think up. A lot of them are sincere questions that deserve and answer, while others are merely questions like "How do you make an atomic bomb?" and relate in no way to AIO and this FAQ section. I took an "I'll answer every question" approach when I started the section, except one thing happened. I started receiving questions that I didn't even want to attempt to answer. These types of questions approach me very rarely so it's not really a problem. But when you ask me a question like "What occurs between Odysseus and Iros? Why??", "Why was the odyssey considered a myth?" or even one I won't even dignify by repeating here (it involved "The Odyssey" once again), I'm not willing to answer them. I must admit it's been nice passing some of my questions to other talented writers to see how they react to them. One of which has written several articles for the Extra! Extra! section already and I'm sure you can guess who it is.

I'm definitely willing to allow for "off-the-wall" questions but I will not let them distract the visitors away from the overall focus of the site. If we had an excessive amount of random questions like "What shade of blue is the sky?" and a very small amount of AIO questions, something would be wrong. I need to balance accordingly.

In answer to your question, Priceless, I usually answer every question as thoroughly as possible and with an above-and-beyond aspect, and go from there. I usually answer every question because I don't have too much of a problem with visitors trying to bombard me with ridiculous questions. Every question, to me, is priceless.

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