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I think I already know the answer to this, but are you allowed to give out contact information for the actors? -Submitted by Tianlet

I think I already knew the answer to this, but, considering your concern for this concerning concern, I'd better get to answering this question before you become too concerned! Otherwise I'll become concerned about your concern.


Actors are people too. They have their good days, they have their bad days, and they even don't like to get e-mails from innocent civilians who want to say hello. You know I'm nearly exaggerating a bit, but I just covered the worst scenario in the life of an actor. Unfortunately, they like their privacy (they don't get enough of it as it is) and would prefer if their e-mail addresses aren't passed around to the public at-large. So in answer to your question, no, I'm not permitted to give out contact information, whether it be e-mail addresses or home mailing addresses, for the actors. Sorry to disappoint you.


I'm not saying that actors are wicked and mean, and generally not very nice people... I've been able to contact some of the nicest actors and actresses for Adventures in Odyssey. The secret is to finding their contact information.

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