In multiple episodes Mr. Whitaker says that he doesn't own or want a television, yet in the movie "Baby Daze" there is a television set in Whit's End. What's going on? -Submitted by AREM

Uh oh, it sounds like Whit's been bluffing all these years, AREM. Maybe you should tell the FBI or something. In all reality, Whit consistently doesn't have a TV in the audio series and never has because of his vulnerability to becoming a "TV junky." Yet, in the video series, Whit is caught staring at a television screen. The answer: inconsistencies. The video series has never been close to the audio series in relation to facts, and neither has it been close to the books. The video series is its own identity. Let's just be glad that we don't have to watch Odyssey to love it so much. Otherwise, we'd think Whit was lying. And our DVD players would wear out sooner.

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