What happened to Ker-plunk, Connie's friend's fish? -Submitted by Hannah

Sometimes people ask stupid questions, but I am dying to know what happened to Ker-plunk too. So it's definitely not a stupid question. Is Ker-plunk still alive? Did he get auctioned off to the highest bidder? Is his name actually spelled like that? These are the deep and probing questions. These probing questions lead us human beings into deeper questions. Deeper questions such as, Why did Connie not offer to care for this specially-named Beta fish? Because she didn't want a fish. Well, there is hope. At least Mandy Straussberg didn't take care of the fish. We've seen where having a pet fish put her goldfish Crackers. We've seen the painful side of death. We've seen Mandy grieve over the loss of her finned friend who had such a nice burial service. Hmm. I guess you could say it was more like an amusement park ride. Either way, Mandy did not care for Connie's friend's fish. That gives me a ray of sunshine bigger than a caricature's oversized head.

In conclusion, I am inclined (not reclined, though that sounds relaxing) to believe that Ker-plunk is safely cared for and collecting social security. After all, Ker-plunk's original owner decided to give him to Connie. Now Ker-plunk is probably retired and living in his submerged two-story castle.

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