In the preview for album #50, I heard some unfamiliar voices that sounded somewhat similar to Bart Rathbone's. Has the AIO team found a new voice for Bart and/or Tom? -Submitted by Josh

Josh, you were hearing right. In 2007, Walker Edmiston, voice of both Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone, passed away, leaving the AIO team at a loss for what to do. While Tom Riley's character is currently alive in Odyssey and appears in episodes up through The Best Small Town collection, Walker Edmiston's death was sad for all of us. The team looked for a Bart replacement and found one (you be the judge of whether or not we should have one), but the same actor decided not to play Tom Riley. Personally, I think Tom Riley should pass away in Odyssey and Bart Rathbone should move away. He and Rodney have become a bit redundant anyway. Don't you think?

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