How do you think fans would react if the AIO team made Tom pass away in the series? -Submitted by Eugene's Vest

Wow, I've always wanted to talk to Eugene's Vest at some point in my life. So hello, Eugene's Vest. I'm sure you keep Eugene looking quite trendy from day to day.

In answer to your question, I believe that the fans would be terribly emotionally connected with Whit, Tom, Bernard, and Connie as they find out that Tom has passed away. Fans would probably reminisce about all the wonderful years we have shared in Odyssey with Tom, and they would also get to see his surviving friends thinking back on his life and ministry. We would obviously witness a cry scene from Connie - guaranteed - and then she would go into a state of dehydration and die also. Or not. Probably in Dr. Blackgaard's wildest dreams, since she told him he had more loopholes than a spaghetti strainer all those years ago.

Actually, I'm hoping the AIO lays Tom Riley to rest on the series. It would be a first to see a major character pass away, and I think it would open up many more avenues for the show. Hold on just a second... I'll call the funeral home.

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