Are the Last Chance Detectives a Focus on the Family production? If so, how many are there and what are their names? -Submitted by Jessie A.
Although this isn't technically a question about Odyssey, we've gotten so many questions about The Last Chance Detectives that I couldn't simply just pass it up. Actually, there are three formats of LCD that work great together as one unit. The book, video, and audio series can be enjoyed separately but are best appreciated together. Here's the rundown of episodes (click each link to learn more):

The Last Chance Detectives Book:

The Last Chance Detectives DVD Series:

The Last Chance Detectives Audio Series:

It may interest you to know that Odyssey's own Jason Whittaker appears in The Day Ambrosia Stood Still. If you recall, Jason left Odyssey at the end of the album No Way Out. While it isn't specifically mentioned where Jason went in the AIO realm of things, Jason's appearance in LCD immediately following the No Way Out season was a nice surprise to fans... and a great segue into the Last Chance dramas. You can read more about Jason's appearance outside of Adventures in Odyssey in the question, Why does Jason Whittaker appear in The Last Chance Detectives audio series?


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