Has Richard Maxwell ever become a Christian? -Submitted by Charis

During the life of the series, Richard Maxwell developed and matured. It is not surprising that you asked about Richard's salvation. After his kind deeds to Tom Riley and the town during the terrible days with Regis Blackgaard, one might wonder if Richard became a Christian along the way. Yet, the subject was never brought up on AIO. Did Richard become a Christian? Despite his improved character and good actions in Odyssey, I would venture to say that Richard is not yet a Christian. He may have made a decision along the way and the characters in Odyssey know, but we as the listeners do not. It seems only right that we believe that he is indeed not saved. We must look at the motives behind his actions. A whole lot of people will do good things with good intentions. In this case, Richard wanted acceptance from Tom Riley who held a bitter grudge against him for burning down his barn. Richard's life exemplifies a convincing secular testimony, one that would easily convince a non-Christian to remain unsaved. But we need to be told that Richard is a Christian on the show before I start believing that.

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