What does "I Slap Floor" mean in one of the episodes in the Gold Audio Series? -Submitted by Morgan

Well, Morgan, unfortunately, the Gold Audio Series covers only the first fifteen collections of Adventures in Odyssey, otherwise I Slap Floor would actually be included. The phrase "I Slap Floor" generally refers to the following:

  • I (me, myself) - the one in whom this phrase is based

  • Slap - a word meaning "to strike sharply, especially with the open hand or with something flat," in this instance a hand

  • Floor - a hard surface by which a majority of the human species uses to walk on two legs or spill soda after tripping

So in summary, "I Slap Floor" means I apply a good amount of pressure, with my hand containing five phalanges, to a hard surface upon which humans walk on two legs or spill soda after tripping. Now, if you're in Ohio, it's pop. Yeah, it's simple. I slap floor. Now am I slapping the floor? I don't know. I just know I'm slapping a floor. And someone spilled cherry soda.

In other words, look on your calendar to April 1st and see if you see anything special about it. There's a very special and fun holiday on this day every year.

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