I have oodles of questions for you, but I don't have oodles of time so I'll ask one. How do the AIO people pick actors to play different roles? Do they have auditions or pick out people they see in movies or hear on the radio and ask them if they're interested or what? How does all that work? I've always wondered. Thanks so much! -Submitted by Kallie, also posed in different words by Snookies

Dearest Kallie, it's actually healthy to stop and breathe every few phrases and not talk in run-on sentences because people get really confused that you're saying so many things in such a long sentence full of tons of details that could be spread out over possibly two or three sentences and you could probably actually hear yourself think as well because it helps your brain to process what you're saying and to formulate what you're going to say next because that's just the way it is and human brains cannot process too much information at one time and mine didn't either. So I read your question again.

Generally, the actors for Adventures in Odyssey are chosen based on an audition tape. Actors will submit an audition tape to Focus on the Family in hopes of being chosen. The AIO team sifts through these tapes and chooses the voices they like. It's also a good thing if the people auditioning live in California because that's where AIO is recorded.

Another way actors are chosen is through connections. For instance, Katie Leigh knew Jess Harnell, who ultimately debuted as Wooton Bassett. If you've got connections, you can go places. Also, Paul Herlinger was chosen because someone heard him on the radio and thought he was Mr. Whittaker. From there he was contacted and entered the world of Odyssey. In the past, Sage and Erin Bolte acted for AIO because their father was prominent in the behind-the-scenes workings of the program. It's all about connections. It makes things simpler.

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