In the episode "Sixties-Something," Bart calls his store the Electric Castle, instead of what it is normally called, the Electric Palace. Is this a goof? -Submitted by  Ricky Derocher

Come one, come all to the the Electric Castle and we'll cheat you on a large assortment of products. We'll take your money, regardless of whether the product works or not! Indeed, sometimes Bart gets himself into some moral dilemmas on the show, and sometimes he says the wrong thing. Yes, Ricky, you've caught an Oops! moment on Adventures in Odyssey. Looks like the writers let a mistake slip right through, or they wanted it that way. Or Bart did. Next thing we know, Dr. Blackgaard will be advertising his Blackgaard's Palace even though he is dead, and Finneman's Market will be selling the Odyssey Tattler!

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