Just curious, does Chris play Mrs. Rush in the episode, "Isaac the Insecure"? -Submitted by Connie's Jogging Suit

I have a question for you, too. You wouldn't happen to be the very same ugly green jogging suit that a certain Connie Kendall wears, would you? I think I saw you on just about all the Odyssey merchandise, saw you in action on the Odyssey videos, and I just love your weird foofy things at the edges of your sleeves and near your neck. I wouldn't be caught dead in them, let alone a jogging suit in these current times. Do you realize how unpopular jogging suits have become? Do you even realize that Connie's mom made her start wearing dresses earlier on in her life?

Well, Miss Suit (or are you a he?), your ears were right (and I can't believe you have ears). Mrs. Rush is played by Chris Anthony, voice of our beloved host and fabricator of faith-based morals. Chris has also played other random characters on Adventures in Odyssey. Let's see if you can pick those out. Connie picked you out.

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