Will Connie & Jason ever get married & to who? -Submitted by Joy and Alexis, also posed as an exclamation by "Wooton's Purple Bunny Slippers"

If I were Eugene Meltsner, I would probably begin by slapping you on the hand because you used "who" instead of "whom." You know, that's a big no-no in the language of grammar. Also, Eugene doesn't like to think about Jason and Connie getting married, even if Connie did have a crush on Jason at one point. Instead he would rather have Connie marry Mitch or Jason marry Tasha... maybe even Monica Stone. Of course, Jason would have to introduce Eugene to Monica Stone along the way if he did pursue such an interesting relationship. After all, Eugene disappeared from Odyssey for several years and came back with such a loud return. Then again, seeing Connie and Jason get married after all these years would be quite a twist.

Now will Bachelor Whittaker and Bachelorette Constance ever tie the knot with each other or with someone else? I don't see Connie ever getting married on the show because it would kill her character. However, Jason could manage. Besides, he seems to have better luck with love.

Now, let's talk, Wooton's Purple Bunny Slippers -- if that's your name. I would recommend that you be strong and don't let him walk all over you. You're stronger than that!

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