Did Dr. Blackgaard have a split personality disorder because he acted one way and another (I know of Edwin his twin)? And did he actually have a sister and a grand daughter (Name Not A Number I)? I can't imagine him ever getting married and if he did God have mercy on his poor wife. -Submitted by Katie B.
To my knowledge, Dr. Regis Blackgaard never had a split personality disorder. Regis was a very sinister, conniving man. It is more likely that he said one thing and did another, making him a liar. He was a criminal, after all. He probably also lied about having a sister and granddaughter. He used some dialogue regarding his "granddaughter" in A Name, Not a Number to move forward with his diabolical plans overseas. With all the horrible plans of Dr. Blackgaard to take over the world and tear down Whit's End brick by brick, I somehow doubt he had time for marriage.


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