What's with Connie and that ugly green jogging suit?

On many of the album covers, videos, and other AIO merchandise, there appears what seems to be this Connie character. One thing is abnormal about her. She is wearing a green jogging suit! In my opinion there is nothing wrong with wearing a jogging suit, but let's be reasonable. The Connie image creators may as well be saying that Connie wears that same jogging suit all the time, regardless of whether it's Summer or Winter, Spring or Fall. Why does she wear it?

Well... the AIO character image designers need a "familiar" approach with their characters. If you were to give Eugene a different hair style every day, then chances are we wouldn't recognize him. Just imagine! Eugene Meltsner wearing an afro! It'd be the same scenario for Whit or Connie. If the designers gave Whit a gold-plated bar through his tongue, fans would recognize him, but not like him. Or if they gave Connie immodest clothing, fans would not be pleased. The scene just doesn't fit.

I know the above doesn't apply to jogging suits or clothing for that matter, but it does also apply. If we gave Eugene a caftan one day and a bunny costume the next, would we recognize him? Actually if you ever heard the episode "The Right Choice," then you're probably saying yes because Whit and Jason distinctly recognized Eugene's resemblance beneath his new exterior. Maybe I should be the one wearing a green jogging suit year-around! I'm getting sidetracked. Uh...next question!

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