What happened to Richard Maxwell?  -Submitted by Alyssa

I must admit that your question is very unclear. "What happened to Richard Maxwell?" could mean anything. It could mean that you, Alyssa, want to know where he went for the movies, what he ate for lunch, what time he went to bed, etc. So now I can only assume that you want to know where Richard is now.

Things are not clear, but maybe Richard is in Chicago again. The writers of AIO were considering writing Maxwell's part into the Novacom/Andromeda storyline, but decided not to. Maybe this "decided not to" is a lie and Richard is hiding somewhere and Dr. Blackgaard is still alive. Yeah right. I would be mad if Blackgaard were still alive. It's very clear to everyone that that whole "I Slap Floor" tactic was an episode waster and Richard Maxwell's not really the mayor of Odyssey... or is he Blackgaard? As you can see, I don't really know the answer to your question Alyssa and hope you can seek better advice from someone else. He/she probably wouldn't know either.

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