Is Dr. Blackgaard really Dead? -Submitted by Alyssa

This question has been asked many times by many AIO fans across the world. As Whit points out in Blackgaard's Revenge, "Yes, Dr. Blackgaard is finally and truly dead." And you don't have to resort to any of the characters on this one. Just ask the Focus on the Family crew! Any one of them is sure to tell you that Blackgaard is indeed dead.

But why did it seem like he could still be alive? Well AIO just made it that way. At the end of "Darkness Before Dawn," we are left with a sad feeling as Blackgaard is not found anywhere and Jack Allen is found alive. But wait a minute! Is it now possible that Blackgaard could be alive too? Jack Allen was flung from the Underground Railroad Tunnel...could Blackgaard? Being a Blackgaard fan, I wrote to Focus on the Family many a time about this unsolved mystery, which was apparently solved already by the writers. If you happen to be the person at FOTF who read my letter, you remember me.

Anyway, no, Blackgaard is not alive anymore.

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