Janet Waldo
Voice of Joanne Woodston-Allen & Maureen Hodges

Janet Waldo played Maureen Hodges and Joanne Woodston-Allen on Adventures in Odyssey. She is an actress and voice artist with a career spanning animation, live-action films, radio and television. On radio, Waldo lent her voice to many programs, including One Man's Family, yet she left a lasting impression as teenager Corliss Archer in Meet Corliss Archer even though Shirley Temple starred in the film adaptations, Kiss and Tell and A Kiss for Corliss. In animation, she was most notable for providing the voice of Judy Jetson in all versions of the Hanna-Barbera television cartoon The Jetsons, except the movie version where the role was played by Tiffany. Waldo is the last surviving main cast member of The Jetsons series. Janet is also credited with multiple other roles in television. Janet Waldo passed away on June 12, 2016 at the age of 96.

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