Chris Anthony
Host of Adventures in Odyssey

Chris Anthony is best known as host of Focus on the Family's radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. As host of AIO for over twenty years, Chris is heard weekly on more than 2,000 radio stations worldwide. Aside from her work in radio drama and a long list of TV and radio commercials, Anthony's voice appeared in all Mattel talking-Barbie toys, CDs, books, games and dolls from 1994 to early 2003. Thanks to Mattel, Sony, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Milton Bradley, Sight & Sound, Knowledge Adventure, Educational Insight, and Yes Entertainment, it is conservatively estimated that one-third of the current U.S. population, under the age of 24,were entertained by the voice of Chris Anthony during their childhood. Chris has also voiced minor roles throughout the AIO series.

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